Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all photography experience which is why we create custom quotes for all of our couples. We want you to have the best possible day with the best possible photography experience. Part of that process is ensuring we are the right fit for you.

We are firm believers in an established friendship between photographer and couple. We believe this helps create a peaceful, trusting environment on your wedding day. We love taking the time to get to know you before you book. When you fill out a wedding inquiry, we ask about your story--we love details. When we know these special details about you and your love story, we are better equipped to photograph you.


We are passionate about guiding our couples into comfortable, flattering poses but never staying still in a single pose. We love movement so we encourage you to talk and laugh with one another and fall into a natural embrace so we can capture you as you are, especially in those intimate candid moments. The more you goof off the better! We love when your personalities are evident in photographs and we strive for that with all of our couples. Our style of photography embraces the emotions of the day. We believe beautiful things happen when you trust us, let go of any expectations, and lean into being present for your day.


After photographing more than a hundred weddings, we are in tune to lots of little details behind the scenes of your day. It is our goal to capture moments that you might not even notice during the rush of the day, so you can fully focus on each other.


Our editing style is timeless and maintains true colors, so when you look back on your wedding photos 30 years from now you can remember the day exactly how it was. We find the best location for your moments, whether that be a simple backdrop for family photos or a stunning scene for your portraits. We seek out natural light when we can but also have the knowledge and experience for those poor lighting situations. We do our best to capture you at YOUR very best. Lighting, angles, settings, etc. are all part of that and you can trust us to take charge in that area.


Here you are, after a whirlwind of events and excitement, you find yourselves getting MARRIED. How crazy is that? So many different emotions are experienced; pure joy, excitement, and love. But unfortunately, the spectrum of emotions does not end there...


We love marriage. We believe it is love in its most sincere form. No other relationship is as intimate or bonding. Marriage brings out the best of us. It works to shape two people to be their best selves, which is truly beautiful. That’s why we love wedding photography...


Our individuality is what makes us human. Every single one of us is unique and different, each with our own personality and style. One of the awesome parts of our job is capturing this individuality. In our portrait sessions, we want to put YOU on display; raw and authentic...